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Getting Under the Hood with eLearning

Whether you need to learn how a car works in order learn how to drive, find out how to fix it or discover if a particular vehicle is a good purchase choice, the usual learning path is always hands-on. While one’s expertise can only be refined and applied by practical experience in this industry, eLearning can make the knowledge portion ...
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The Design In Instructional Design

Instructional design is not just limited to arranging the content; it also includes making it appealing with graphics, sounds, and animations. It is not just about making it look pretty just for the sake of appearances; as Connie Birdsall shares in this article about design ( “It’s a vehicle by which brands can express themselves across an increasingly complex ecosystem ...
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4 Reasons Why You Should Use An LMS

Integrated Talent Management As you ramp up your manpower, you must also have a centralized and consistent training system across the whole organization as an effective human resources strategy. Use the LMS as the single access point to trainings to help you streamline these processes: Succession planning Performance management Performance appraisals Establishing goals and employee assessments and learning and development ...
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Gamifying Your Learning

It is expected that Instructional Design will turn that manual of instructions into an online course where the learner will read the content from their monitor and take a graded assessment. For many learners, they may just click the next button until they reach the end just to get a completion and get the training over with. But there is ...
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