The Design In Instructional Design

Posted on May 21, 2018

Instructional design is not just limited to arranging the content; it also includes making it appealing with graphics, sounds, and animations. It is not just about making it look pretty just for the sake of appearances; as Connie Birdsall shares in this article about design (

“It’s a vehicle by which brands can express themselves across an increasingly complex ecosystem of spaces. It’s a mind-set to solve complex business challenges. And it is the means by which companies build emotional connections and stay on the leading edge of change.”

There are a few reasons why good design goes hand-in-hand with good eLearning:
  • It makes it clear what the benefits and value are on offer. A well-designed output is a good messenger. There is always a purpose and a story behind it. Is it designed to educate or inform, or is it designed to change behavior? If done correctly, you can even inspire learners to achieve more.
  • It leaves a good impression. If the design of the output is disorganized, the user experience will not only be ruined, it will be the one takeaway the learner will have instead of meeting the learning objectives. One good design idea is to split the information into bite-sized sections that the learner can easily analyze and digest. This way, the learner will absorb more information without being overwhelmed.
  • It engages the learner. Lester Bunnell ( shares that as consumers, “We like to be amazed, we love to be enlightened but most of all we crave uniqueness.” The same goes for eLearning. Engage the learner with a mix of media that will get their attention and help them retain information.
  • It defines the user experience. Instructional designers are currently challenged to balance the design of the output and make it appealing for the Millennials and the Gen Xers in the office. Ideally, the layout and style should help the learners navigate through the course and let them complete it and help them recall the content.
In a nutshell, good design in eLearning will captivate the learners and help them develop behaviors and complete objectives. When they are engaged, the learner will be able to learn the subject material faster and better remember it.


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