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Why is Measuring Training Success Important in 2021

All L&D professionals and teams should keep on measuring training success even in 2021. A lot has changed in the past year, and not being able to gauge the effectiveness of your current training programs can cause you to lag behind. Whether it is a classroom, virtual, or e-learning program, measuring training success is vital. By doing so, you can ...
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Now You Can Have An Online Learning Platform Without Limitations

A potential client asked us a few days ago just how many users our online learning platform could cope with. The question came as a bit of a surprise not because the answer was difficult, but that so many providers seem to offer online learning platforms heavily based on the number of users. It kind of makes sense, though. Users ...
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Corporate e-Learning University

Building A Corporate e-Learning University

It is difficult and overwhelming when planning for something as massive as creating an e-learning university for your company, especially from scratch. Some organizations are unsure of what their specific business needs are and where to even begin, making the experience an overwhelming project to undertake. As challenging as it is to begin, the rewards of establishing an e-learning university ...
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how to have a positive online learning experience

How To Have A Positive Online Learning Experience

As more and more organizations implement online learning strategies, there may be some learners new to this method of learning or are currently adjusting to online learning as the primary source of education. With any habit being formed, learners can benefit from creating a positive online learning experience. This article is a beginner’s guide to help learners to have a ...
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managing your team remotely

8 Tips for Managing Your Team Remotely

If you’re a Team Leader, Project Manager, or Project Implementation Lead, you know how important it is to take care of your people. But this task becomes doubly challenging when managing your team remotely. You’ve probably had thoughts like, “Are they really doing their job? Why aren’t they answering any of my e-mails? Is that guy not wearing any pants ...
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