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Why Take Compliance Online

Why Take Compliance Training Online

Compliance training is a vital part of every organization’s Learning and Development program. However, Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Compliance Training Study found that there is only approximately one-third of companies which consider their compliance training programs and efforts to be effective. Compliance training remains traditional and almost a quarter of all compliance training activities are manually managed. Although others may ...
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Why Do Companies Need an LMS

Why Do Companies Need an LMS?

Organizations with large manpower often encounter challenges in delivering training due to several reasons. Some have their workforce deployed in different areas, making it hard for them to train all of them in one go. Some meet challenges because of limited resources. Thanks to Learning Management Systems or LMS, companies can opt for a convenient but cost-effective alternative. Why Do ...
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What Features Should Your LMS Have

What Features Should Your LMS Have?

Acquiring a Learning Management System (LMS) is a smart move, given that this digital age proved that it’s not going away soon. Instead, it gets better, with lots of innovative ideas springing up from left and right. Your LMS will help you in many ways, but you must make sure that you get the best one that answers your needs ...
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e-learning Staples for Companies

E-learning Staples For Companies

Companies today are ready to adopt current training trends, and e-learning is one of them. It has become imperative to include e-learning in the roster of organizations’ training strategies, especially if they have a huge workforce and are coming from different locations. One good reason is that everyone knows digital, and this age is not going anywhere anytime soon. In ...
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Outsourcing E-Learning Development

E-learning at this point is starting to become a norm for big companies. This is because they are starting to realize that they should adapt to the changes in training and maintain the competencies of their employees – and fast. It can only be achieved if your company knows and implements the best strategies in e-learning which can keep your ...
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