Why Take Compliance Training Online

Posted on November 7, 2019

Why Take Compliance Online

Compliance training is a vital part of every organization’s Learning and Development program. However,  Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Compliance Training Study found that there is only approximately one-third of companies which consider their compliance training programs and efforts to be effective.

Compliance training remains traditional and almost a quarter of all compliance training activities are manually managed. Although others may find this easy and more practical, manual management of sensitive compliance and regulatory training, for example, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training, posts a lot of risks and would eventually require a more innovative and modern approach.

There is no denying that with the advancement of technology, companies also seek new strategies to make their compliance training programs more advanced to be able to cope with the fast-changing demands and ever-changing trends in the Learning and Development industry.

One of the latest and considered more effective approach for AML compliance training nowadays is e-learning. Institutions such as the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) has already tapped the best e-learning solutions provider in the Philippines to handle their compliance and e-learning programs for all covered persons under the AMLA.

But why choose the newer online compliance training over the traditional ways? Here are the top three reasons:

1.	On-Demand Availability – Taking compliance training online lets you study and learn at your own time and pace. You also don’t have to brave the traffic or wait for a slot to open to take the course. All you have to do is access the module online and voila, you can take the course conveniently.

2.	All-in-one AML Training – Aside from convenience, the AML Training online also offers complete training modules starting from the 2018 IRR to the Risk Rating System, updated to the latest ruling. Upon completion of the course, digital certificates are also provided, making it truly rewarding for the course taker.

3.	Accredited Providers – You can easily search for accredited providers online. This is a good practice so you can be assured that the course content is approved and recognized by their respective compliance governing bodies. Certified.ph offers a complete AML compliance course you need to take. Read our press release through this link.

Shifting from the traditional ways of conducting compliance training to digital training or e-learning must be considered by organizations if they want their training programs to be more effective. E-learning truly has become a game-changer in the learning landscape where it delivers effective and efficient online courses without compromising the value of information that the learners need and should know. Plus, it also benefits the organizations by presenting easier and more flexible ways to manage their training programs.

Try Certified.ph's AML Immersive e-Learning Module Series by visiting aml.certified.ph. Email inquiries@framedia-inc.com for assistance and queries.

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