Now You Can Have An Online Learning Platform Without Limitations

Posted on May 6, 2021

A potential client asked us a few days ago just how many users our online learning platform could cope with. The question came as a bit of a surprise not because the answer was difficult, but that so many providers seem to offer online learning platforms heavily based on the number of users.

It kind of makes sense, though. Users access your digital learning content and create database records, and that data needs to be stored and served; which is where the majority of costs come from that make up a price for your online learning platform. On top of that, data and bandwidth in the Philippines are about as expensive as it gets – companies will charge you a lot!

Choosing a capable online learning platform for your business

One of the best online learning platforms in the Philippines is the Immersive Learning Management System or Immersive LMS. It works in a slightly different way than the other learning management systems we have seen on the market.

Yes, we consider the number of users, storage, and bandwidth, but we do not limit any client by those factors. We know that if a corporate LMS requests 500 user accounts, they might only use 300 or would want to add more later. This doesn’t cause any difficulty in the Immersive Learning Management System, the client can just use the accounts they need. At the end of the year, we will total up the usage costs and talk about topping up your fees if necessary. Alternatively, we can advise you if you are well under budget and perhaps want an off-the-shelf e-learning module to use or a piece of bespoke LMS development thrown in for good measure.

The last thing you need is to be worrying about user quotas. You have the entire online learning platform to build and consider and the rapid changes in the workforce mean you never quite know what you’ll have at the end of the year compared to the start! We understand these and have already designed a very flexible online learning platform to help you get started with online training delivery. Most importantly, we don’t want you to feel restricted and we don’t think it is right to overcharge you, which is why Immersive Learning Systems has one of the most popular and flexible LMS products in the Philippines.

The truth about online learning platforms…

With so many scalable server architectures available, you don’t need to be consciously worrying about the capacity of servers anymore.

If storage is an issue, we’ll discuss it with you.

If data and bandwidth are looking tricky, we’ll scale it for you.

In conclusion, we know you need a solid and reliable online learning platform and one that won’t break your budget. The Immersive Learning Management System will impress you with what you can do with it and how little it would cost you in the process!

Download Immersive LMS’s full feature list and discover all the other possibilities it can bring! You can also book a quick chat with our team to discuss further and request a demo.

Hal MacLean, the author, is the director of Immersive Learning Systems, a Filipino company that provides innovative Learning Management Systems to corporate, educational, and third sector clients across the Philippines. He is a learning technologist and has worked with online learning systems for over 20 years, setting up national and regional scale projects in the UK, Canada, Europe, and Asia. He is a self-confessed geek, a foodie, and a fan of Land Rover Defenders. In his spare time, he thinks up new ways to be busy.

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