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Why Take Compliance Training Online

Compliance training is a vital part of every organization’s Learning and Development program. However,  Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Compliance Training Study found that there is only approximately one-third of companies which consider their compliance training programs and efforts to be effective. Compliance training remains traditional and almost a quarter of all compliance training activities are… View Article

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What Features Should Our LMS Have?

There is a very complex world inside a learning management system. Seeing or hearing about an LMS for the very first time may be overwhelming, making that “must-haves” or even that “good-to-haves” list a great idea. To help you with the features of an LMS, we came up with an overview of the most essential ones.

E-learning Staples For Companies

Given that e-learning is now a staple in L&D, it is time to identify which trainings can be more effective and efficient if delivered with the help of e-learning. We round up different kinds of training where e-learning can impact the company greatly.

Outsourcing E-Learning Development

E-learning at this point is starting to become a norm for big companies. This is because they are starting to realize that they should adapt to the changes in training and maintain the competencies of their employees – and fast. It can only be achieved if your company knows and implements the best strategies in e-learning which can keep your learners engaged and productive.