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eLearning Experiences That Stick

No matter what your learning objectives might be or what your audience needs to take away from the eLearning course, creating eLearning experiences that are memorable is the number one priority. Otherwise, your learners simply won’t get any real value from the time and effort they’ve invested into the eLearning course. In this article, I’ll share some invaluable tips that can help you create eLearning experiences that stick.

How To Use Bullets In eLearning

While some say that bullets don’t belong in eLearning, others create online courses that seem to consist entirely of bullet point lists. However, a truly effective, and digestible, eLearning experience lies somewhere in the middle. Use too many bullets and the key ideas get lost in the shuffle, while not using enough may lead to cognitive overload. Here are some helpful tips on how to use bullets in your next eLearning course.

Blended Learning for Corporate Training

Blended learning literally means a mixture of online training and face to face instruction led session. The goal of blended learning is to provide each learner with integrated learning experience which combines the best features of both online learning as well as traditional instruction method. Here are the top blended learning benefits for corporate training that will help you enable employees that can help stimulate their interests and to increase their productivity levels.

Using Infographics in eLearning

Infographics are learning tools where visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. Well-designed infographics makes learning memorable. Here are the reasons why infographic is one of the effective tools to use in e-learning.