Blended Learning for Modern Learners

Posted on June 29, 2018

Blended learning, also known as hybrid learning, changed the learning and development landscape. Companies today mix up classroom and digital trainings to effectively inform and close skill gaps in the workforce. Let’s see how instructor-led (ILT) and digital training can benefit your organization.

Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT)

This is the traditional classroom training, the one we are all familiar with. Here are the important factors that makes it essential even in the digital age:

1. The instructor can stress, elaborate, and clarify specific points – especially when information is vital or might mislead the learner. Also, he can answer critical questions on the spot.

2. Learners can interact and exchange thoughts with their fellow learners, making it more collaborative.

3. The instructor can lead hands-on activities, making the whole learning experience more fun and realistic, not to mention making it easier for the learners to comprehend concepts or theories.

Digital Learning or e-Learning 

E-Learning is a modern approach brought to us by the evolution of digital applications and platforms. Here are ways how it complements instructor-led trainings:

1.   The learners can study in advance and at their own pace before ILTs, saving so much time for both the trainer and the learners. Also, when the ILT is in session, they could focus more on the critical points, rather than having to discuss every single one in class.

2.   The trainings are available round the clock. Forgot an important detail from last month’s training? Just access your company’s online learning platform from your laptop or mobile phone and there you go.

3.   The trainings are consistent, making it more effective and aligned to the company’s objectives.

According to research, the blended learning concept is being accepted and implemented by industries because this method of learning aligns with the principles of adult learning: learn by doing, affected by experience, problem-based, and learn what is practical.

If your company is facing challenges in talent development, it might be the time to rethink your current learning methods and consider alternatives. By many accounts, blended learning provides the best of the digital era and the human touch.


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