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How to motivate learners in eLearning?

Motivation plays an important role during e-Learning experiences. This leads to significant accomplishments – Learners will finish the e-Learning course if they are motivated and accomplish it successfully.

Rock the Retail Industry with eLearning

The retail industry provides a unique set of challenges for training. Firstly, retail employees need adequate training on customer service and sales. Secondly, the industry is influenced by changing trends, and aggressive marketing is required to stay ahead of competitors. Retailers need to be quick on their feet with the times and they need to be quick to communicate this across the board.

Getting Under the Hood with eLearning

While one’s expertise can only be refined and applied by practical experience in this industry, eLearning can make the knowledge portion more accessible and engaging.

The Design In Instructional Design

Instructional design is not just limited to arranging the content; it also includes making it appealing with graphics, sounds, and animations. It is not just about making it look pretty just for the sake of appearances.