Using Infographics in eLearning

Infographics are now seen everywhere – websites, blogs, ads, newspapers, magazines and in e-learning. They catch your attention because they look great and are sure hooks for visual learners!

Infographics are learning tools where visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. Well-designed infographics makes learning memorable. Here are the reasons why infographic is one of the effective tools to use in e-learning:

Easy to understand

It utilizes graphics or images with minimal words explaining the important information that creates a lasting visual impression on mind of the learners. Learners retain approximately 80% of what they learn visually compared to 20% retained by reading.

Saves time

Since infographics are designed to have summarized content having a presentation of graphics and concise information it helps saving time for the learners to understand and absorb.

You can be creative

There are no standard templates on creating infographics. You can be original and challenge your creativity on changing colors, formats, fonts and styles.

Creates brand advocacy

Always remember to embed the logo of the brand when creating your infographic. This gives you the chance to advertise it to social networking for free when your infographic is liked or shared.

Show your expertise

Creating an effective infographic requires an in-depth research that will definitely show your knowledge and position you as an expert on your topic.

Easy to share

A well-designed infographic that catches the eye of the readers will certainly go viral on social networks pretty quickly.

Global content

Publishing your infographics online gives you a way to make information available to all – even at a global scale, something that print media can’t do.