Blended Learning for Corporate Training

Posted on May 21, 2018

Blended learning literally means a mixture of online training and face to face instruction led session. The goal of blended learning is to provide each learner with integrated learning experience which combines the best features of both online learning as well as traditional instruction method.

This works perfectly for corporate training when you know when and why to use it. When used effectively and in conjunction with other development methods, E-learning can help to support high levels of individual, team and organizational performance as one key strand of the organizational learning strategy.

Here are the top blended learning benefits for corporate training that will help you enable employees that can help stimulate their interests and to increase their productivity levels.

1. Cost-Effectiveness
Blended learning for corporate training is not only cost effective but is also an engaging way to learn and work at the same time. It offers the best of both worlds – having the mixture of both online and offline training. In this way, parts that used to be instructor-led can be converted to e-learning. While key parts that cannot be converted can stay being instructor-led. Although creating online training requires multiple resources and high skilled professionals to design and develop high quality eLearning course it can significantly increase your training ROI saved through traditional training costs and having improved and more efficient staff performance.
2. Consistency
The company’s ultimate goal is to have consistency on the training content on all the sessions especially for companies that have different branches. E-learning can provides all these and will make sure that everyone can be on the same page with what they are training.
3. Real-Time Access
With blended learning, you can access your eLearning course anytime and anywhere on your laptops, tablets or smartphones even without internet access. Employees will no longer worry about missing out pressing work commitments that may take priority.
4. Learners in Control
Learners can go at their own pace. Employees are given power over their learning based on their learning styles and behavior – this way their training becomes much more effective.
5. Greater Retention
Blending face-face and online training delivers a much richer training experience and helps your employees retain the eLearning content much easier than the traditional approach. Adding new elements on the learning process can make a significant improvement on the knowledge retention.
6. Facilitates Corporate Training Feedback
Blended learning for corporate training allows you to collect valuable data about your employee’s performance improvement through online quizzes and tests, where your LMS can itself generate feedback. This will also help you to track your employees’ performance and learners will also be able to track their progress.

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