Why Do Companies Need an LMS?

Posted on February 18, 2019

Why Do Companies Need an LMS

Organizations with large manpower often encounter challenges in delivering training due to several reasons. Some have their workforce deployed in different areas, making it hard for them to train all of them in one go. Some meet challenges because of limited resources. Thanks to Learning Management Systems or LMS, companies can opt for a convenient but cost-effective alternative.

Why Do We Need An LMS?

With a Learning Management System or LMS, the life of a trainer, the learners, and the company is made a whole lot easier. Let's go through the advantages and benefits of having an LMS one by one.
LMS as a Content Library
Keep all your e-learning content and resource materials in one place, instead of having it stored in different devices and hard drives. This reduces the danger of losing important data and makes it easier for your people to refer to. The e-learning administrators or authorized team can easily access the library if you are using a cloud-based LMS, making it possible for online collaboration between your people.
Accessible Anytime and Anywhere
Once you have your e-learning content published on the LMS, your people can already access them in their devices whenever and wherever. With an LMS, you are making your content available to them 24/7. They don't have to wait for the next training session or workshop to be upskilled or to be refreshed. This is also very helpful whenever your employees want to go back to a certain training or when they need specific information. They can quickly log-in, search for the content, and find everything they need right then and there.
Progress and Performance Tracking
Since the LMS enables your learners to consume content at their own pace, it is very important to track their progress and performance. This is, of course, to encourage them to finish their course/s and to ensure that they are hitting their milestones. This helps you see who is doing good and who needs assistance. Also, tracking them can help you determine the learning and career paths of your people.
Reduces Training Costs
Having an LMS can massively reduce your training expenses. It can cut off your recurring travel costs, accommodation, training aids, food, and allowances among others. You don't have to worry about booking flights and hotel rooms or getting hundreds of training materials printed and set up.
Be Up-To-Date with Compliance Regulations
The LMS enables organizations to be updated with current compliance regulations as soon as it is added to the content library. Knowledge transfer is made faster, making the organization comply with the regulations sooner.
Integrate Social Learning Experiences
Making your learners take their courses online doesn't mean that they should be isolated or learning all alone. You can install plug-ins; use different features such as forums and chat boxes to encourage learning among your learners. This way they can learn their courses and learn from their peers at the same time. Basically, an LMS makes training less hassle and costly. You just have to find a one that fits your organization and your needs. We offer a free trial on our FramediaLMS. If you are interested to explore the power of an LMS, send us an email at info@framedia-inc.com and we’ll give you a trial account. We can also collaborate in planning, transitioning, and ultimately reaching your goals through the LMS. The LMS is a must-have in corporate training especially when the workforce is geographically spread out and large in number. The utilization of digital tools such as this can easily upgrade the organization's processes, making learning and development seamless and convenient. Source: https://elearningindustry.com/top-8-benefits-of-using-learning-management-systems

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