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Why Do Companies Need an LMS?

Why Do Companies Need an LMS?

Organizations with large manpower often encounter challenges in delivering training due to several reasons. Some have their workforce deployed in different areas, making it hard for them to train all of them in one go. Some meet challenges because of limited resources. Thanks to Learning Management Systems or LMS, companies can opt for a convenient… View Article

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What Features Should Our LMS Have?

There is a very complex world inside a learning management system. Seeing or hearing about an LMS for the very first time may be overwhelming, making that “must-haves” or even that “good-to-haves” list a great idea. To help you with the features of an LMS, we came up with an overview of the most essential ones.

Building Better Courses

A big challenge in an instructional designer’s life is how to motivate their target audience. As discussed in previous posts, motivation is key. But how does one motivate a learner when you can’t be there, physically present, to be your target audience’s cheerleader? You can do this by making a learner-centric content.

What Type of Learner Are You?

People learn in a variety of ways. Identifying and understanding your learning style can help you maximize your educational experiences by finding ways to make learning more efficient. Here’s an infographic we found to know what type of Learner you are.