Leveraging Technology for Compliance

Posted on November 7, 2019

Leveraging Technology for Compliance

Technology has been one of the many reasons why we are now living in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. There are a lot of innovations and advancements that mostly benefit us and let us do things easier and more quickly. Organizations and companies also take advantage of technological advancements in achieving their goals and delivering faster and better results.

Nowadays, pertinent information is easily available online. With the help of online platforms such as blogs, forums, webinars, and video tutorials, it is now faster and easier to learn or acquire new things. One of the most valuable contributions of technology in the Learning and Development industry is e-Learning. Gone are the days when course takers need to wait and reserve for slots just to take up compliance and other training courses. All they have to do now is take an online training course, study and learn at their own pace, and get certifications to prove that they have finished and passed the course.

In order to leverage technology to comply with various mandated training, here are three things you might want to consider:

1.	Build your compliance content library

If you are an organization and you have the needed resources, you can leverage what technology offers by creating your own compliance modules. Tools like Elucidat, Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, and Shift, among others, can help you develop your modules. Another good idea would be having a Learning Management System or LMS. By doing so, you can keep all your content in one place online. The Certified LMS platform enables you to maintain your courses and create new ones.

2.	Get an e-Learning provider

If you have the budget and you are looking into building your content library without sacrificing time and manpower to develop modules, an e-Learning provider can be very handy. You can treat them as an extension of your Learning and Development or Training Team. They are not limited to developing compliance courses, they can also build your onboarding, product, technical, and any other training. Framedia, with almost a decade of experience in developing both simple and complex modules for foreign and local clients, can use their expertise in making yours. Click this link to see one of their demos.

3.	Purchase relevant online compliance courses

If you don’t have the resources to build and maintain your content library, you can purchase ready-made or what we usually call off-the-shelf courses. This way, you will not go through months of developing a module. All you must do is pay for a subscription, sign in, and take the course. This can cater to both individuals and corporations. Certified.ph can help you with your compliance needs, even if it means delivering the courses to hundreds or thousands of people in your organization. You can learn more and inquire through this link.

With the ease and convenience that online compliance training provides, it is safe to conclude that technology has indeed paved a way for a more convenient, faster, and more effective delivery of compliance and other training courses. Organizations and individuals alike are now presented with more conducive and comfortable alternatives minus the hassles of taking up courses traditionally. E-Learning is now also a popular method in presenting specific courses and modules that cater to the various goals of companies and institutions, proving that more and more organizations realize the value of providing and/or offering online training.

Try Certified.ph’s AML Immersive e-Learning Module Series by visiting aml.certified.ph. Email inquiries@framedia-inc.com for assistance and queries.

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