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How to motivate learners in eLearning?

Motivation plays an important role during e-Learning experiences. This leads to significant accomplishments – Learners will finish the e-Learning course if they are motivated and accomplish it successfully. The course designers and developers of e-Learning are in a tough position. It is their job to come up with creative ways to keep learners engaged on the e-Learning course. Here are ...
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Short Learning, Long Recall

In this Forbes article, the author asked, “What makes a TV commercial memorable?” Of the different responses provided, one answer stood out: “If you don’t remember the product or service, the ad is a failure. The ad should address a need, demonstrate how the product or service meets the need, and do it in a compelling, memorable way, with a ...
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Rock the Retail Industry with eLearning

The retail industry provides a unique set of challenges for training. Firstly, retail employees need adequate training on customer service and sales. Providing this training by well-trained personnel becomes tricky, owing to the high employee turnover rate in the industry and the likelihood that the workforce is spread out far and wide in different branches across the country and/or across ...
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Getting Under the Hood with eLearning

Whether you need to learn how a car works in order learn how to drive, find out how to fix it or discover if a particular vehicle is a good purchase choice, the usual learning path is always hands-on. While one’s expertise can only be refined and applied by practical experience in this industry, eLearning can make the knowledge portion ...
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The Design In Instructional Design

Instructional design is not just limited to arranging the content; it also includes making it appealing with graphics, sounds, and animations. It is not just about making it look pretty just for the sake of appearances; as Connie Birdsall shares in this article about design ( “It’s a vehicle by which brands can express themselves across an increasingly complex ecosystem ...
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