Rock the Retail Industry with eLearning

Posted on May 21, 2018

The retail industry provides a unique set of challenges for training. Firstly, retail employees need adequate training on customer service and sales. Providing this training by well-trained personnel becomes tricky, owing to the high employee turnover rate in the industry and the likelihood that the workforce is spread out far and wide in different branches across the country and/or across the globe. Secondly, the industry is influenced by changing trends, and aggressive marketing is required to stay ahead of competitors. Retailers need to be quick on their feet with the times and they need to be quick to communicate this across the board.

For these concerns, eLearning provides a great solution for retail. Consider the following advantages:
  1. Employees can access the training on their own time without leaving the store/branch. They will be able to learn on their own pace, and if the course is well-designed, they could retain 40% more information compared to instructor-led training. Individual progress can be tracked using the courseware’s system host.
  2. Since the employees will be learning within the store, they can be on-hand to attend to customers. Sales will not be compromised.
  3. eLearning provides an effortless way to pass information about new trends, new products, sales tactics, marketing ploys and other important knowledge directly to the employees. Employees won’t have to wait for a memo; they get the information and act on it right after taking an eLearning course!
In short, if members of the industry want to reduce employee turnovers and stay ahead of competitors, they will need to streamline their training strategy by tapping into eLearning. eLearning is the new trend with benefits: it engages employees, is more affordable than classroom training, provides consistent content for everyone and progress can be easily tracked.


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