Getting Under the Hood with eLearning

Posted on May 21, 2018

Whether you need to learn how a car works in order learn how to drive, find out how to fix it or discover if a particular vehicle is a good purchase choice, the usual learning path is always hands-on. While one’s expertise can only be refined and applied by practical experience in this industry, eLearning can make the knowledge portion more accessible and engaging.

Here are some ways that elearning can be integrated into the automotive industry:
  • Employment – anyone can access information about automobiles in this day and age. There are sources like Delphi eLearning that learners of all ages can access at their leisure. Armed with this knowledge, learners get a head start over those who did not access this information.
  • Purchase – rather than take into consideration the information provided by a sales representative of a car dealership (they will always be, of course, partial to the brand they represent), a buyer can make use of elearning to compare between brands and make a more informed decision. The Kelly Blue Book site is one such resource for the discerning buyer.
  • Virtual reality driving – with the recent introduction of the virtual reality system into the mainstream, many developers are looking at it with potential. Lexus is already incorporating VR into their own Driving Simulator Virtual reality can also be used to teach people the basics of driving sports cars, trucks, and even emergency vehicles. This does not mean that VR will replace the real deal; they will simply provide the introductory skills.
It must be noted that for the automotive industry, elearning will not completely replace hands-on experience but complement the hands-on experience. As with any complex machinery, you need to apply and refine your skills on the real thing.

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