Demand from Modern Learners

Posted on September 6, 2018

I believe that we, people, are really open to learning continuously. Especially if the knowledge we’ll gain is useful and can be applied in our daily lives. But the challenge is, we don't want to be taught all the time. Sometimes, we prefer picking up knowledge or skills through our own experiences, discoveries, or even through our own realizations.

As we experience further advancements in the learning and development landscape, modern learners are unconsciously forming behaviors and are voicing out what they want. We, as training professionals, can use these as one of the basis to help modify or enhance our current workplace learning strategies.

These past years have been an eye-opener for the learning and development industry. Trends like e-learning, blended learning, microlearning, knowledge videos, mobile learning, and many others took the corporate world (and even the academe) by storm. Now let's see what else our modern learners want to see and experience in their corporate learning journey.

Story-based E-Learning
We all love to hear good stories, and most of the time, we tend to remember the best ones vividly. Therefore, learners want their training to tell them great and memorable stories. You can use relatable and good quality images within your course, and incorporate characters who they can easily remember or characters who resemble animals - by doing this, the storyteller can personify the characters quickly and develop the narrative.
Microlearning or Bite-sized E-Learning
Rapid Learning Institute found out that 94% of modern learners prefer 10-minute modules or less particularly for soft skills topics, and 65% said that most online modules are giving them information overload. This is because modern learners have less time to consume training in the workplace (and they do this to fill in gaps at work), they have short attention spans, and modern learners love mobile learning.
Mobile Learning or m-Learning
Instead of having the learners sit in a classroom away from work to finish training, let them learn through their devices with bite-sized content. This gives them the convenience to access the training, the flexibility of when and where they can take it, and what certain skill or knowledge they want to master or focus on. Taking your learners into account and finding a win-win solution can really make a huge impact on the business. Imagine your modern learners enjoying the story-based and bite-sized e-learning courses you delivered to them on their own gadgets, letting them decide when and where to take it. They will be more engaged and motivated to go through every step of their corporate learning journey because they learn and have fun at the same time. Sources:

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