Outsourcing E-Learning Development

Posted on September 28, 2018

E-learning at this point is starting to become a norm for big companies. This is because they are starting to realize that they should adapt to the changes in training and maintain the competencies of their employees – and fast. It can only be achieved if your company knows and implements the best strategies in e-learning which can keep your learners engaged and productive.

Yes, you can just set up your own e-learning, get your own authoring tool, and create your own e-learning materials and get things done. But let me lay down five reasons why you should outsource e-learning development instead of doing it yourself (DIY).

Outsourcing Specialized Experts

Though some companies have their in-house e-learning team for curating content for training and basic development, some tasks need further specialization. One great example is designing. Your team may know the effective content to use, but you need the expertise of a designer to present the content while considering best design practices, your company's requirements, and the text-heavy module that you have in mind.

An e-learning company has their own graphic designers, animators, curriculum developers or instructional system designers, and a wide array of related experts to handle the job. These experts know the trends and principles to deliver the most effective e-learning to cater to your learners.

Faster Turnaround and High-Quality Content

Since these experts you’ll be collaborating with are seasoned, they can develop and deliver your e-learning requirements quicker and better. They already master e-learning development and designing tools, allowing them to rapidly produce sophisticated materials and high-quality modules and meet your agreed timeframe.

Lessen Training Development Costs

Working with an e-learning company will drastically lower your development costs. This is possible because e-learning companies have their own materials to perform the tasks needed. They only spend money on development when needed.

Outsourcing e-learning development helps the company reduce the expenses if they hire their own team to do it. They can just tap into e-learning companies without the associated overhead costs of commitment, recruiting time, training time, compensation, and other benefits. In addition, the company doesn’t have to worry about buying or upgrading technology or tools every now and then. The e-learning vendor will do it for you.

Focus on Critical Functions

The L&D team can stop worrying about the technicalities of developing an e-learning module or material. They can leave that to their e-learning partner. They can now focus on things that are critical to the company such as conceptualizing new campaigns or training programs, tracking and supporting the whole company, being trainers and coaches to teams and employees, and more. Imagine the unnecessary time and effort that can be cut off from creating your DIY e-learning. You can use and redirect those resources to achieve more things that are greatly beneficial to the company and its people.

More Effective Corporate E-learning

Lastly, there is an evident improvement in corporate e-learning effectiveness. Finding an e-learning provider with expertise in all aspects of development guarantees satisfying, objective-focused, and effective output. They know all the theories, learning principles, and all the other technicalities to make your e-learning material as engaging and effective as it can get – ensuring increase in productivity, performance, and retention of your learners.


To simplify, outsourcing e-learning development for your company is cost-effective and will give your company a competitive advantage. Your company can save money and use it for other programs, while your employees are being engaged and upskilled to get better and be more productive in their functions.

Are you considering finding an e-learning partner for your company? Framedia transforms learning materials into interactive and exciting digital graphics, videos, and animations.

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