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Using Your Workforce’s Common Ground

Companies today must step up their training game if they want to get the optimal results from their employees. Even non-millennials are now learning how to maximize the use of modern electronic devices. This gives companies all the more reason to re-engineer their workplace learning methods, now that millennials and other age groups have a common ground.

Building Better Courses

A big challenge in an instructional designer’s life is how to motivate their target audience. As discussed in previous posts, motivation is key. But how does one motivate a learner when you can’t be there, physically present, to be your target audience’s cheerleader? You can do this by making a learner-centric content.

What Type of Learner Are You?

People learn in a variety of ways. Identifying and understanding your learning style can help you maximize your educational experiences by finding ways to make learning more efficient. Here’s an infographic we found to know what type of Learner you are.

How Memory Works

Our memories give us a sense of self and make us who we are.  However, our memories are more than just files in a filing cabinet. While your first day at school may seem like a single memory, it’s actually a complex construction of multiple memories that span your brain. Here’s a look at how your memory works and how you can improve it.